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Intel Core i7-930 CPU

JC 01.03.2010 21594 3
Review @ bit-tech.net

While on paper, the i7-930 is a mere 133MHz clock bump up from the i7-920, the fact that it's the same price and is slightly faster means that you'd be foolish to buy an i7-920 now (if you literally just bought one without knowing, then, sorry!).

What really sells us on the idea of the i7-930 though is it's improved overclocking potential. While there's no guarantee that every i7-930 will overclock as well as our test sample, it's very pleasing to see how much better it overclocked than any i7-920 we've played with over the 12 months at identical voltages. Any CPU, let alone one with four physical cores, four logical cores and triple-channel memory, that can run at 4.3GHz with a standard air-cooler is great news. Given that the i7-920 itself is a great overclocker, it's really good to see Intel launching an even more overclockable CPU at the same price, and not forcing enthusiasts into buying uber-expensive Extreme Editions.
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