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6x Wasser- & Luftkühler von Thermaltake

TOM 05.02.2006 - 19:29 3352 0


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In einem 21 Seiten langen Artikel hat Xbitlabs sechs Kühler bzw. Kühlsysteme reviewed. Die vier Wasser-CPU-Kühler und die Wasser-GPU-Kühlung von Thermaltake zeigen deutlich, dass Wasserkühlungen schon längst Mainstream sind. Hier eine Liste der Testkandidaten:
  • Thermaltake Bigwater SE
  • Thermaltake Tribe
  • Thermaltake Silent Water
  • Thermaltake Symphony
  • Thermaltake Tide Water
  • Thermaltake Blue Orb II
"...All in all, summing up the obtained results I can say that Thermaltake did a great job on extending and enhancing its model range, although there is still way for further improvement, of course. I will refrain from detailed comments on the last summarizing diagram, since we have already discussed the results for each system individually in the corresponding sections of this roundup. Moreover, it is not quite correct to compare Symphony, for instance, against Silent Water cooling system, because these are very different solutions from the positioning, application and pricing stand points....
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