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[AppleTV+] Hijack

oxid1zer 26.05.2023 - 09:25 159 3


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Told in real-time, “Hijack” is a tense thriller that follows the journey of a hijacked plane as it makes its way to London over a seven-hour flight, and authorities on the ground scramble for answers. Elba will star as ‘Sam Nelson,’ an accomplished negotiator in the business world who needs to step up and use all his guile to try and save the lives of the passengers — but, his high-risk strategy could be his undoing. Panjabi will play the role of 'Zahra Gahfoor,' a counter-terrorism officer who is on the ground when the plane is hijacked and becomes part of the investigation. The series also stars Christine Adams, Max Beesley, Eve Myles, Neil Maskell, Jasper Britton, Harry Michell, Aimee Kelly, Mohamed Elsandel, and Ben Miles.
Könnt cool werden. Idris is eigentlich immer Garant für gute Filme/Serien. Mag den Schauspieler mittlerweile gern.


Er ist tot, Jim!
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Idris Elba ist wirklich toll.
Bin gespannt wie das "24 Konzept" hier klappt


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Idris, 24 und Apple+

Klingt nach einem Gewinner. Mal schaun..


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Zitat aus einem Post von Bender
Idris, 24 und Apple+

Klingt nach einem Gewinner. Mal schaun..

Könnt was werdn, ja
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