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GPUPI 2.2 (English)

mat 12.08.2015 11375 1
Our homebrewn CUDA and OpenCL benchmark is still getting more and more popular among overclockers and is also starting to be used for reviews. That's why we continue to work on improvements and bugfixes together with HWBOT. GPUPI 2.2 packs many of these smaller fixes and minor changes of the last few weeks into its own new version. Although the core calculation has not been modified, we introduced some important changes. So please use GPUPI 2.2 for your future results!

Downloads: GPUPI 2.2 (1.06 MB, CRC-32: 054753D5) | GPUPI 2.2 - Legacy Version (Windows XP, GeForce 200 series, 590 KB, CRC-32: B40C3054)


  • Progress bar for the submission upload including the possibility to abort
  • Split submission into two dialogs: Online submission and data file saving (will make more sense in future releases)
  • Timeout set to 30 seconds for reaching the HWBOT servers (in case they are down)
  • Better file names for data files
  • Bugfix for Windows XP timer bug
  • Improved timer validity check and added Skylake's 24 Hz HPET resolution
  • Better error reporting for OpenCL context creation
  • Added platform vendor name (if necessary) to OpenCL ready message to better distinguish the platform that a run was started with
  • Fixed possible cheating in slowest result competitions by aborting a run when system is set to sleep mode
  • Added execution states to the calculation thread to avoid sleep mode/hibernation (monitor will still be able to go into sleep mode, but that won't affect the benchmark run)
  • Bugfix for repeated online submission and hardware detection via COM queries
  • Legacy version uses CUDA toolkit 6.5 again, because 6.0 could not calculate valid results on serveral old graphics cards due to a precision bug
  • Compiled with newest Visual Studio 2013 - Update 5

Last but not least we would like to talk about our next plans with GPUPI. Thanks to HWBOT we will integrate CPU-Z in the next version, which will improve hardware detection a lot and allows several frequencies and even voltages to be automatically submitted to the HWBOT database. Additionally we are going to include support for HWBOT competitions directly into the online submission dialog to encourage participation in overclocking contests. Well, GPUPI has a bright future to look forward too!
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