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Turrican schrieb am 23.07.2002 um 02:53

-velo- schrieb am 24.07.2002 um 11:43

ich will cpu power ... wer braucht schon ne high end graka ^^

JC schrieb am 24.07.2002 um 11:48

Zitat von -velo-
ich will cpu power ... wer braucht schon ne high end graka ^^
Eine Kette ist so stark wie ihr schwächstes Glied.

-fenix- schrieb am 24.07.2002 um 11:51

Zitat von -velo-
wer braucht schon ne high end graka ^^

tja... ICH :)

Zaphod schrieb am 24.07.2002 um 13:04

final fantasy in realtime ? kein problem, schrauben wir halt die AUflösung auf 5x5 pixel runter

JC schrieb am 26.07.2002 um 09:47

Maybe you should take a look over at this thread at the Beyond3D forums ;)

JC schrieb am 26.07.2002 um 11:40

Und mir fällt da etwas auf, dass absolut nicht zu nVidia passt :D

New focus on computational efficiency rather than memory efficiency

Der Beginn einer neuen Ära - nVidia setzt nicht mehr (nur) auf Brute Force?
The 'focus on computational efficiency' suggests that there are new overdraw reduction routines in the pipeline as doing this level of computations per pixel can end up as being very expensive for pixels that are overdrawn, however it appears that no details of these routines are in the public domain as yet. Likewise there is also currently no mention of what FSAA methods or Anisotropic filtering is supported - seeing as most of these details are coming about because of Siggraph its not surprising as these are more features that are important to users rather than developers; no doubt developers are more eager to be able to play with the vertex and pixel shader functionalitly. v4.thecommunity
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