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GPUPI: International support thread

mat 11.11.2014 - 09:12 282005 1


Legends never die
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About two months ago our beloved Turrican passed away in a horrible car accident. He was a big part of our community and is still Austria's only overclocking legend! Out of my sadness and anger I started to work on this project as a virtual monument, something to honour him in our scene. It's an homage to SuperPI, that Turrican benched on every possible platform, and calculates Pi completely parallelized on graphics cards and CPUs. So let's get our gear going and do exactly what our Karl showed us in all his years: Bench the hell out of GPUPI!

DOWNLOAD: GPUPI is officially integrated into BenchMate. Download BenchMate to get the latest version of GPUPI.

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Danke lieber mat für all deine guten Taten im Oc bereich von gpupi bis Benchmate++ !
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